About Pappulo

Established in 1970, Pappulo is a classical, brave and elegant brand deriving its quality from its inspirational designs bridging the tradition with new fashion trends of our day.

Pappulo, following the current fashion trends and collections, produces luxury shoes on the purpose of creating the most impeccable match with trendy dresses.

Our products are designed with an aesthetic approach that aims to appeal to our children’s gaze by garnishing their dreams through our companionship on their most special occasions. Pappulo, selling its products in the international market to a wide range of countries adopts as a principle presenting our children an unforgettable and unique experience in different cultural ambiences ranging from the communion and baptism to circumcision feasts, weddings, proms and special parties, and it’s this very cultural richness that Pappulo takes inspiration in its creative and unique designs.

Pappulo’s products are meticulously controlled and supervised in each stages of production. Our collections are developed with close attention to the quality of the eco-friendly materials used in the production processes and we attach great importance to the provision of the necessary sanitary conditions.