Our company was founded by Mr. Halil BASKAVAS, in 1970. Back then, the company name was ''Halil Bebe''

In 2000, the company took its first steps of institutionalization when his sons, Ali and Ahmet joined in, and changed its name to ''Kavas shoes and cases ltd.'' When it came to 2014, the shoe brand ''Pappulo'' was created by the registration number:  201332293

Shoes are produced between sizes of 18 and 37. We only work with local raw material suppliers and our products are absolutyely free from phthalate, azo colorants and/or other carcinogenic substances.

The company is based in the Isikkent industrial area of Izmir. We are working with expert pesonnel in their field, and producing our products due diligence, in our 1100sqm all-indoor facility. Our company has a production capacity of up to 16,000 pairs per year, and at present we are supplying shoes to various domestic and international clients.